20% more work
25% faster

with pay as you go licensing - no up front cost

20% Productivity Improvement Guaranteed

✔ Omniflow compliments instead of replacing your existing systems
✔ Can be implemented in weeks
✔ Provides a ROI within 12 weeks
✔ Provides a continuous supply of productivity improvements

It captures data in the background as your users perform their daily tasks.

Thousands of data items are continuously processed by our advanced algorithms to find and present the best opportunities to improve your productivity.

Real World Results

✔ Productivity up 24% in under 3 months
✔ Member requests completed 29% faster
✔ Volume of work up 25%
✔ 11% less people power used
✔ ROI in 11 weeks
✔ Staff engagement increased

Omniflow gave us an absolute step change in capability and performance... We've got a system comparable to anything the big guys have, but at a fraction of the cost. - Jill Marks, GM Business Transformation

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